How to Choose Your Website Platform

Choosing a website builder also known as a website platform is akin to selecting the foundation when building your home. Everything that follows, the look, functionality, user experience, maintenance, adding on, and more will all be determined by this choice.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of WordPress Websites?

In this blog, I will be discussing what are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress websites to give you an idea about how effective it can be for your business.

Cloudflare: what is it? And what can you do with it?

Cloudflare is an American company that delivers services like a DNS, a content delivery network (CDN) and many other additional services to make websites faster and more secure. Cloudflare is used by more than 26 million sites, resulting in processing more than 1 billion IP-addresses each day. Well, that sounds like a lot, and it […]